Protect life with BERNOT Information Technology:

We realize the digitized, mobile, distributed, real-time recording, forwarding and evaluation of operational and emergency data for the benefit of the people affected.

In constructive cooperation with mountain rescue and slope operations from Austria, we implemented the positioning and data system OrDa.

The positioning and data system OrDa works in operational use on customer-specific, mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs in online and offline operation including tracking, geo-referenced image documentation, digitized command and control and connection of third-party system interfaces.

Light and durable OrDa end user devices are carried by the active rescue forces on body, used in rescue vehicles and airborne in SAR helicopters.

The current situation can be continuously monitored in the distributed control centers and headquaters. Situation rapport, reporting locations, routes and search areas can be dynamically assigned.

In addition to the location and geo-referenced image documentation with map display including the corresponding SAR Search and Rescue functionality, the real-time digital creation, processing, forwarding, evaluation and billing of the digitized deployment data with patient protocols is a key function of the OrDa location and data system.

The protected technology of media-break-free digitization and preservation of evidence can be used by non-profit rescue organizations, in the healthcare sector and for commercial companies.

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